About Nancy: Why We Need Scientists in Congress and Her Ability to Win

Nancy has lived in Stony Brook, NY, for over two decades, raising her daughters here and teaching at Stony Brook University. At the university, she has served as Associate Provost, Interim Dean of the Graduate School, and most recently Chair of the Chemistry Department. Her research lab has worked to create new organic semiconductors and has studied how to use them to make solar energy more affordable and attainable. While Chair, her department brought in more than $22 million from the US Department of Energy to fund two Energy Frontier Research Centers, developing new batteries for energy storage, something vital to combating climate change. She has spent her life as a problem solver and advocate for her students and is ready to bring those skills to Congress.


It is time for scientists to have a seat at the table, not just serve as advisors. With the current attempts to distort facts and reality, it's never been more crucial to have a scientist in Congress, someone who can read the evidence and listen to the facts in order to form the best policy. From healthcare to climate change to financial security and affordability, the facts and details matter, and Nancy is uniquely qualified to analyze them and make the right choice.


While districts like NY-01 flipped in the wave of 2018 all around this country, Democrats fell short here. Why? Because people here vote for candidates they can relate to. The first district of NY has voted for Obama (2008, 2012), Schumer (2016), Gillibrand (2018), and Cuomo (2018). At the same time, the district has voted for Trump (2016) and Zeldin (2014, 2016, 2018). In this district, people vote for people they believe will have their back. Nancy has dedicated her life to public service. She has stood up for her students and fought for them to get what they needed - from healthcare to career opportunities. With Stony Brook as the largest employer in the district and her deep roots in the town of Brookhaven (accounting for over 65% of the district), she is well positioned to win. Lee Zeldin has never faced someone from Brookhaven.

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