Nancy will fight to make sure every American has access to high-quality, affordable healthcare. It is unconscionable that a country as wealthy as ours has 29 million people without healthcare coverage, and another 30-70 million who are under-insured. That’s why it is critical that we find a solution that will really work. In Congress, Nancy will work to lower the minimum age for Medicare and allow younger people and their employers to buy into Medicare. While Nancy will fight to make sure all Americans have the healthcare they need, Zeldin and his Republican House colleagues have done the opposite, working to repeal the Affordable Care Act without proposing any alternative. Zeldin’s approach would cost coverage for 23 million hard-working Americans nationwide, including 71,000 Americans here in the 1st Congressional District. It would mean higher costs with limited coverage, and it would eliminate guaranteed protections for people with pre-existing conditions, including diabetes, asthma or cancer. While at Stony Brook, Nancy pushed the University to provide health insurance to uninsured university researchers and in Congress will fight to increase access to health care and reduce costs for all Long Islanders.


Our way of life on Long Island is threatened by extreme weather, coastal erosion, and sea level rise, all due to climate change. By electing Nancy, we have the chance to send a scientist to Congress to drive evidence-based policy solutions to the climate crisis. We need to set ambitious targets and make the United States carbon neutral by 2035. To reach those targets, we must aggressively deploy existing technologies in renewable energy, clean vehicles, and ultra efficient buildings nationwide. We need to invest in research on tomorrow's energy solutions, including energy production and storage (batteries). That research is going on right now at Stony Brook and universities around the country - and we need the federal government's full support in doing so. As a scientist and a member of the National Advisory Board of the Union of Concerned Scientists, Nancy is uniquely qualified to be a climate action leader in Congress. New York’s 1st District also faces threats to clean water, both in our bays and in our taps. We need to protect our water supply. The federal government must take action to protect against contaminants such as PFAS and dioxane that threaten our groundwater and should support efforts to increase the use of modern septic and water treatment technology.


Every day, we lose an average of more than 90 mothers, fathers, sons and daughters to senseless gun violence. Enough is enough. These untimely deaths can be prevented. The inaction that we've seen on guns by Congress in the wake of countless mass shootings is a disgrace. Congress must take action immediately to ban assault weapons, ban high capacity magazines, and require universal background checks . While the New York State gun laws are good, there is a gap at the federal level where action must be taken. Lee Zeldin is going in the opposite direction - he is a cosponsor of a concealed carry reciprocity bill which would allow gun license holders from any state to carry their guns in NY - effectively abolishing most of our protections.


Everyone deserves the opportunity to put food on the table and provide for their families. Unions insure that workers rights are protected, and Nancy is proud to be endorsed by Labor:

  • Long Island Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
  • New York State AFL-CIO
  • CWA 1108
  • NYSUT - A Union of Professionals (Nancy's own union for 23 years!)
  • 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East
  • UAW Region 9A
  • Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen Local 56


Nancy is a staunch advocate and champion of women's rights and a longtime supporter of Planned Parenthood. She knows how important it is to protect women's reproductive health and reproductive rights, all which are under attack daily by the current administration. Additionally, women's issues are not limited just to reproductive health. Whether it is paid family leave, the gender pay gap, or simply the fact that women are more likely to deal with managing a household and caring for elderly loved ones, we need to ensure that women’s concerns are addressed in Congress. With women representing only a quarter of Congressional districts, we still have work to achieve.


Access to quality education for all students, regardless of background, needs to be a priority. We should be making significant investments in preschool programs, increasing local control to eliminate unnecessary testing requirements and taking meaningful steps to close the achievement gap that exists in too many communities. We also need to address the rising cost of tuition and the crippling student loan debt. Programs to support graduates who enter public service must be protected and strengthened. We also need to make sure our schools are providing students with the skills they need to succeed, whether through a four-year degree or a technical education that allows them to thrive in our current economy. For-profit schools should be held to rigorous standards to qualify to participate in federal student-loan programs.


America is known as a place of hope and opportunity, where you can work hard and support your family. But our immigration system is broken. Nancy believes we should allow law-abiding immigrant families to come out of the shadows, pay taxes, play by the rules, and earn citizenship. Nancy will work to fix our broken immigration system by securing our borders and enforcing laws against traffickers and violent criminals, while improving the process for work visas and providing a pathway to citizenship for those without a criminal record and DREAMers. Unlike Lee Zeldin, Nancy will vote for an immediate, clean bill that allows these young men and women to stay in this nation and provides them with a pathway to earn their citizenship.


The coronavirus outbreak is an unprecedented pandemic, which requires a concerted response from all of us. To be clear, COVID-19 is not the flu - it is more infectious and it is much more deadly, with a significant amount of patients requiring intensive hospital care. The failures of the Trump administration to take the pandemic seriously and prepare have also made the crisis much worse than it needed to be. We need to rebuild our pandemic response effort, including developing a functioning national plan for the distribution of personal protective equipment, testing materials, and medications so that our healthcare workers have the supplies they need when they need them. We also need to address the underlying health equity problems that have led this pandemic to cause disproportionate harm in different communities. Nancy Goroff is a scientist and proven leader trained to use facts to solve complex problems. Goroff will use science and facts to guide us out of this crisis and will hold Donald Trump and Lee Zeldin accountable for ignoring the guidance of health experts. Goroff will work to make our health care system stronger, more equitable, and more resilient for this and future pandemics.


As a mother of two daughters, Nancy is fully committed to keeping Suffolk safe. That’s why she opposes defunding the police, and in Congress will fight to ensure local law enforcement, public safety and social services have the resources they need to protect our communities. At the national level, Congress must end qualified immunity for police officers, direct the Justice Department to collect data on police misconduct, and support research and dissemination of effective methods for reducing police violence.
To address systemic inequities, we need to strengthen our infrastructure and create foundations for opportunity and success for all Americans. We need to invest in public education, public housing, and public health resources, in addition to the reforms that are needed to make our policing more just. We also need to raise awareness of the role of systemic racism and implicit bias in our society. Nancy has a long history of prioritizing these issues, including serving on Stony Brook’s steering committee for the implementation of the Campus Diversity Plan. Throughout her career, she has brought these values to her work at the University, and she’ll continue to do so in Congress.


Nancy is a defender of LGBTQ+ rights at every level. In her 22 years as a professor, she has advocated for her students and has served as an ally for LGBTQ+ members of the university community. She served on the Steering Committee for Stony Brook University's campus-wide Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan. With LGBTQ+ rights under attack by the Trump administration and Mike Pence, we need to ensure that legal protections continue and that we foster a culture of openness and acceptance for all people, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.