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Race Updates


Nancy's campaign plans to drop mail pieces, which will continue to amplify her story, into the postal stream on June 9th and June 15th


Democratic primary voters broadly across the district, including absentee applicants, need to see and read that Nancy Goroff is a mom, a scientist, and former chair of the chemistry department at Stony Brook University. If the coronavirus crisis has shown us anything, it’s that we need more scientists like Nancy Goroff in Congress. Nancy’s scientific background means she has the unique skills needed to fix our healthcare system and to solve the complex problems in our recovery from the coronavirus. With Trump spreading lies and misinformation about COVID-19, we need Nancy's experience with analyzing and understanding the facts on the ground to stop the damage he is doing, protect our families, and ensure a pandemic never again devastates our country.

Proof Points

Nancy will be the first woman Ph.D. scientist in Congress

[Newsday, 7/09/19]


Nancy pushed Stony Brook University to provide health insurance to university researchers. And she’ll continue the fight to reduce the cost of prescription drugs, protect Obamacare from Republicans attacks, and ensure everyone can afford to see a doctor when sick.

[Stony Brook University News, 7/01/19]


Nancy will fight to make coronavirus testing free and accessible and ensure that the federal government is doing everything possible to get doctors and nurses the medical supplies they need like masks, gloves, and ventilators


Nancy Goroff knows that women are more likely to deal with caring for children and elderly family members and in Congress, Nancy will fight for paid family leave.

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